Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So it's been a while yet again...

I been putting off on this because I've actually been pretty productive in other parts of my life. I know, weird, right?

Well I just got back from leave which I took back in Chicago, of course. Had a lot of fun with all my friends, both new and old. Visiting back in Chicago made me realize how important it is for me to becomes successful in life. Not just scraping by on a Marine Corps budget, but finding something I can excel at. Something that will keep me OUT of the military... yeah.

I go back to the states in a few weeks and when I get back I have a lot on my plate. The normal Marine stuff, yeah but also school, helping Tommy Cho of iLL Garage out with the online sales, working out, and I'm finally getting into a good practice of studying Tagalog most days. Some of you already knew I wanted to learn Tagalog, but now I'm determined. October of 2010 = going to the PI with Mark and probably David. I'm most excited.

Well at any rate, here is a bunch of new pictures in no particular order!

My mommy and me when I just got into O'Hare
Mark sold the S14 :[
I got to visit my sparkly hood, check it with the flash on!
German's think of the weirdest crap
iLL Garage
Chicago got a shit ton of new buses while I was away
My favorite place to stay when home, the Garcia's.Hit up a Cubs game... lost 12-1
This is Pam, she let my mom and I stay with her.
Grandma FAIL
Finally, USMC FAIL