Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas?

This weekend was pretty productive as I was able to 
install my new downpipe, oil cooler adapter, and radiator.
  Also, I fitted my power steering and oil catch can. 
Lastly, I got my chassis harness back in.  
I think I might have even done it all correctly.  
My engine harness comes in on Tuesday and I'm trying to get
 off of work on Wednesday to install it.  
I'm just waiting on my intake manifold to IC piping reducer and my new fan setup.  

This may lead to a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping is also a man's best friend.

So you know how girls like to go shopping when they get upset? Then they impulsively buy a shit ton of things they don't need? Well, I pre-planned my impulse buys. That may not make sense now, but it's about to.

Yeah, so basically I have a list of things I need in order to complete the drift car, and these were a few items on the list. (=

Powered by Max Engine Vitals Digital Meter
Nifty little gadget that will allow me to keep a good eye on my coolant temps as well as my oil pressure...

RB to s13 chassis downpipe/test pipe combo.
Exactly that. Kind of a home made piece, but I like it. It will allow me to sell both my downpipe as well as my test pipe from my chassis now, which will make this item almost FREE.

Waiting to hear back from Wiring Specialties about some stuff and some things (=