Saturday, July 18, 2009

c16 in the evening

Okay, I didn't do such a good job really introducing myself in the first blog I put up. I just kind of assumed that no one would really ever look at it, or if by chance someone did look at it, it's because they already know me. Brief history lesson. Derek Kloog born at Hinsdale Hospital at ridiculous o'clock in the morning on March 26th, 1987. Effectively, that makes me 22. Lots of ups and downs occurred in between then and now, but I'm still around.

January 17th, 2008 I signed my life away to the United States Marine Corps. April 7th, 2008 I arrived at Parris Island, SC for basic training. I loved it. Then after that, Marine Combat Training in New River, NC. One month later I was in Meridian Mississippi for Aviation Supply training. Another 3 months later, back at New River where I was to spend the next couple years. Then I was asked if I want to come to Iraq. Sure, why not? So now I'm out here, living the American dream. Ohhh the excitement.

Iraq is tough. Here are a few things I do to pass the time:

Eat Freeze Pops
Extreme Chow Serving
Bomb Surfing
Look Ridiculous
Think HARD
Act Tough
lastly... RAVE!!!
It's hard work, but someones gotta do it.

On Friday night I was standing about 50ft behind an F-18 as it fired up. Reminded me of weekends at the track as the c16 filled my lungs. I miss it.

Here are some of the fixed wing aircraft we support:

Lastly, what would any week in Iraq be like without the purchase of car parts? This weeks lucky parts were purchased from Yamato Garage:


and just a close up for quality and finish

I might have to take a week or two off from buying parts soon unless I am allowed to transfer some funds! I'm calling the bank right nowwww...

*Update*Oh yay! Thank you bank. I am now getting this too.

Yamato Oil Cooler

Oh, and Mom, if you're reading this, there will be a box on the way soon. Thanks for putting up with my sick obsession.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Like legos, but better.

So I'm in Iraq. It sucks yeah whatever, I get paid more so I suck it up. There isn't shit to do in Iraq, so what am I to do with my spare time??? Prep for the next build. I have been scavenging sites, forums, and friends.
For what?

Okay, it may not look like much now. I picked her up about 2 years ago now and she has been sun bathing in Florida. I picked her up with a Fujitsubo exhaust, some lame brand coilovers, weak ass Advans and some HIDs. This was the diamond in the rough I was looking for. Shortly after buying this whip I sold the RB'd disaster. Here they are together...
Cute, no?

At any rate, I've bought a few things since being out here in Iraq. I could have gone new on all these parts, but hey, isn't every 240 owner on a budget?

Nismo FPR and Apexi NEOCusco Lightweight Flywheel
Twin Flex-a-lite + temp sensor
Poor Mans 2 Way (welded)
Nismo motor and Peak Performance tranny mounts
Garrett GT2871r .86AR
I wanted the .64AR, but when the price is right, hey I'll make due.

After much pondering I decided that since I'd be getting some fresh paint done I should just get that JDM TYTE shit. I received MADD hookups on this shit. I got the headlights and the corners from a Marine who served in Japan a few years. He even GAVE me some clear corners for free.

plus some bonus clear corners
I got some Origin 20mm overs and a Dmax hood from Mark. He hooked it up hardcore.
Unfortunately, the wheels are not included. Maybe next time, right Mark?

This is all just the beginning, and now that I have these goodies collected, I only need to wait another year or so and put it all together.