Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Like legos, but better.

So I'm in Iraq. It sucks yeah whatever, I get paid more so I suck it up. There isn't shit to do in Iraq, so what am I to do with my spare time??? Prep for the next build. I have been scavenging sites, forums, and friends.
For what?

Okay, it may not look like much now. I picked her up about 2 years ago now and she has been sun bathing in Florida. I picked her up with a Fujitsubo exhaust, some lame brand coilovers, weak ass Advans and some HIDs. This was the diamond in the rough I was looking for. Shortly after buying this whip I sold the RB'd disaster. Here they are together...
Cute, no?

At any rate, I've bought a few things since being out here in Iraq. I could have gone new on all these parts, but hey, isn't every 240 owner on a budget?

Nismo FPR and Apexi NEOCusco Lightweight Flywheel
Twin Flex-a-lite + temp sensor
Poor Mans 2 Way (welded)
Nismo motor and Peak Performance tranny mounts
Garrett GT2871r .86AR
I wanted the .64AR, but when the price is right, hey I'll make due.

After much pondering I decided that since I'd be getting some fresh paint done I should just get that JDM TYTE shit. I received MADD hookups on this shit. I got the headlights and the corners from a Marine who served in Japan a few years. He even GAVE me some clear corners for free.

plus some bonus clear corners
I got some Origin 20mm overs and a Dmax hood from Mark. He hooked it up hardcore.
Unfortunately, the wheels are not included. Maybe next time, right Mark?

This is all just the beginning, and now that I have these goodies collected, I only need to wait another year or so and put it all together.


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