Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There's a storm coming...

So I finally got un-lazy and cleaned up my storage unit...

I know, I'm so vain.

Good night sweetheart, I'll see you this weekend for some wrenching (=


  1. DUDE YUR HOOD! thats dope.
    btw i like the hello kitty hanging off yur rear view. i have one too, except its hanging off my purse because i'm too poor to afford an evo :P

  2. Thankssss! (=

    Why do you want an EVO? Any particular reason?

  3. mm it just really caught my eye when i started getting into cars so i've wanted one ever since. doesnt hurt that it comes with a turbo either (; im a huge jdm fan in general though :DD
    how`d you get the holographic awesomeness on yur hood?

  4. It's just a rainbow metallic flake.

    That's cool, EVOs can look pretty rad.. (pause, for dramatic effect) ..when done correctly.