Saturday, July 2, 2011


For those of you who are friends with me on FB know
 I began rewiring my car last weekend.
This wasn't the short quick process I thought it would be. 
However, I blame my new found pursuit of perfection on this and I'm not really
 upset that it took this long. Tomorrow the dash will finally go back in. 

Here's a picture book of fun! 

 This is in the beginning when I first pulled the full chassis wiring:

Then mocking it all back up to see what I need, 
what I don't, and where things can be made shorter:

Unweaving the first wave of bonus wires:

About 5' of shortening:

Then I took things back to my place once the shop closed:

Just a few of the wires I pulled:

Once things were fully removed,
 I began to see how I wanted things ran:

Then I e-taped it all up:

S13 owners, can you believe this is all you need for the 
engine bay chassis harness?
Approximately 3 relays and 5 fuses.

I left a LOT of length in case things change in the future.
This is how it was all mocked up without everything in
it's new home. 

I actually couldn't help but drive it like this too, 
so check it out:

I thought this would be a good time to also redo the dashboard.
(I have never done any of this in my whole life)

(break time~went to the track, then to dinner, then to pool hall)

Are you supposed to prime these things? 
Oh well, I did.

Finally, some flat black before 4am when I was exhausted!

Then this morning I was up and at it again
 with gloss black and rainbow flakes!

Some of the molding/paint turned out better than other parts of it,
 but overall I think it was a pretty successful adventure!

By the way, I retained power windows and door locks.

Should have the installed pic up tomorrow! (=


  1. wiring just looks like a pain in the butt hole!

  2. HAhaha yeah it is, but when it all comes together and works, it's VERY rewarding! (=

  3. abt to get me an old corolla KE70, heard it has a few wiring problems! i aint gonna do shit to it after seeing this! i'm gonna be that drifter that doesn't know jack about his ride! haha